Resolving Public Data Management Challenges

Acquiring Contacts Data from Websites with Straive Data Platform

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Public Data Intelligence - Resolving Data Management Challenges

Managing companies' contact databases from various public sources such as company websites, news, and others is a cumbersome process. It is necessary to keep business contacts up-to-date, accessible, and organized because:

  • Information is usually extracted from unstructured sources such as websites, social media, and news articles
  • Contacts information undergoes frequent changes due to attrition, change in titles, new roles, etc.
  • Manual operations are not scalable and provide limited content coverage and poor quality data

An intelligent end-to-end platform-based solution with the following capabilities will help overcome these challenges.

  • Ability to extract, cleanse and normalize data at an industrial scale
  • Intelligent pre-built connectors that enable automation
  • Capability to monitor and track people movements continuously

The Straive Advantage

Our Public Data Intelligence solutions are tailor-made for enterprises seeking to incorporate valuable external data into their overall data strategy.

Enterprises can leverage our proprietary Straive Data Platform to extract, enrich, normalize and deliver integratable and market-ready consumable data at scale from hundreds of thousands of websites.

Download our case study to learn how we enabled a leading business information and analytics solution provider to resolve contacts’ database update challenges with Straive’s Public Data Intelligence solution.

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