Enabling End-to-End Contacts Data Management with the Straive Data Platform

Processed 18 million+ contacts in a span of 3-4 months 

End-to-End Contacts Data Management - Straive Data Platform

In today’s world, contact databases are a key component of any business’ competitive edge. That statement becomes more pertinent for business information and analytics solution providers that maintain corporate leadership and contacts information of companies across the globe.

Keeping databases updated comes with its own set of challenges including one arising out of frequent role changes, new appointments, inter-organization movements, and attritions, etc. that makes the data obsolete quickly. Another significant challenge is limited content coverage of small and family-run businesses because of the technical limitations in company’s existing solution.

In addition to solving for the issues above, there is also a dire need to automate the process considering high cost, resource and scalability constraints associated with manual operations. To keep the contact database updated, the need of the hour is an intelligent end-to-end public data solution that:

  • Ingests data from various sources
  • Handles various formats
  • Transforms public data into analytics-ready consumable data

The sales and marketing business unit of a leading business information and analytics solution provider wanted an integrated contacts management with an intelligent data platform. To address that, Straive leveraged its public data intelligence solution and its proprietary Straive Data Platform to develop and deploy outcome-based data as a service model for the automated extraction and monitoring of contacts from corporate websites.

Straive’s public data intelligence solutions is tailor made for enterprises that seek to incorporate valuable external data into their overall data strategy. Enterprises can leverage our proprietary Straive Data Platform to identify authentic sources at scale from hundreds of thousands of websites, extract, enrich, and deliver integratable and market-ready consumable data.

Download our case study- Straive Data Platform: Enabling End-to-End Contacts Data Management to learn how we enabled the client to resolve contacts database updation challenges with Straive’s public data intelligence solution. This case study offers insights into how our Straive Data Platform helped the customer acquire, enrich, and deliver new and more accessible contacts datasets.

Download Case Study- Straive Data Platform: Enabling End-to-End Contacts Data Management