Journal Transfer Desk

With Straive’s transfer desk suite (TDS), from a pilot of 70 journals, the project was later quickly scaled to 700 journals for the client, with 24% of authors accepting to transfer

Journal Transfer Desk -STM Publishing

In the world of STM publishing, manuscripts submitted to a journal can get rejected owing to the scope of the journal even if the research itself is publication-worthy. Here exists an opportunity to increase author goodwill and provide better author service by routing such rejected submissions to appropriate journals within a publisher’s portfolio.

Straive is a market-leading content solutions company providing content creation services, course design, data operations, and platform-based technology solutions., deploys an automated system for transferring rejected manuscripts to other suitable journals. An opportunity for better author service exists by routing these to appropriate journals.

This case study shows how Straive’s Transfer Desk System (TDS) made a difference through…

  • Deploying an application that automates the process of alternate journal selection and author communication.
  • Enabling a seamless, scalable, and efficient transfer process.
  • An AI-based journal recommendation engine and customizable modules that allow for a set of journals to participate in the program with defined roles.
  • Customization of email templates and language (based on country) while communicating to authors.
  • Providing analytics that can help determine email messaging, reminder frequencies, etc.

Download our Journal Transfer Desk case study to learn more about how we helped a leading global publisher deploy a transfer desk system and improve author goodwill. The case study delineates the basic elements of the deployed system and provides an insightful account of the benefits that the client derived.



Download Transfer Desk Case Study