LearningMate- Transforming Nursing & Health Sciences Content for the digital age

Reducing time to market from 2 years to 6 months

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We are at an inflection point in the world of publishing. Digital transformation has seeped in with rigor and the industry is engaged in an overhaul to ready itself for the future. What started with an industry-wide shift from print to digital and smart content, has become a wave of change with higher education publishers embracing more flexible content architectures and revamped content development workflows. This technology adoption is not an aspiration anymore, it is a necessity to meet the changing needs of students.

These changes are creating opportunities for growth and market expansion for publishers across industries. Tomorrow’s winners will be those who act swiftly and decisively today. While a complete overhaul might appear intimidating; with the right partner it can be systematic and efficient.

Recognizing this new reality, a leading health sciences focused higher education publisher     wanted to digitize and transform their portfolio and expand their market presence with new digital-first products. After a careful evaluation of several suppliers and consulting firms they selected LearningMate — an experienced end-to-end content, technology, and engineering solutions provider for the education industry.

Download our Case Study: Transforming Nursing & Health Sciences Content for the digital age to learn how this publishing firm leveraged LearningMate’s technology frameworks to-

  • Build a modern, digital infrastructure that scaled with their digital growth
  • Reduce their time to market from 2 years to 6 months
  • Enable a quick launch of 9 new digital products and 24 titles
  • Establish strong digital textbook and stand-alone product offering
  • Gather critical data about product usage on a broader scale.

LearningMate focuses on the needs of next-generation learners. The company builds on a strong foundation of learning design with progressive technology, digital media, and engineering solutions to connect today’s learners, educators, administrators, policymakers, and content creators with the information, tools, and solutions they need to be successful. With six consulting offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and India, LearningMate serves a global clientele of education publishers, traditional and nontraditional EdTech companies, K-20 schools, universities and career colleges, government agencies, non-profits, corporate learning departments, and education consortia.

For more information, visit www.learningmate.com


Download Case Study: Transforming Nursing & Health Sciences Content for the digital age