AI-Driven Invoice Data Extraction Platform

Multi-Format (PDF's), Integrated Workflow, Template Free, SaaS-Based Model

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As per some estimates, around 15-20 billion invoices are issued annually in the US and Europe. Manual techniques, which are time and effort-intensive, continue to be employed to process all form-like documents such as invoices, quotations, purchase orders, etc., to a large extent.

It should come as no surprise that most companies today are investing in AI to automate Invoice data capture and extraction as one of the first backend processes. An automated process workflow helps save time, effort, cost and fulfill the accuracy and management/compliance requirements.

Straive’s Invoice Extraction Platform, a Saas-based AI platform provides the stated benefits of using AI and automation and much more to revolutionize the process of extracting invoice data. Some of these are:

  • Template-independent AI extraction as compared to traditional workflows
  • Enhanced throughput and accuracy, driven by automation
  • Multi-format (pdf – scanned or otherwise) invoice handling
  • A highly user-friendly UI to perform QC & Corrections

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