Preserving 175 years of literature for the digital age!

With Over 40 Million+ Pages Digitized in a record time of 3 Years

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Preserving Literature for the Digital Age!

From Nobel-winning authors to academicians to researchers- the words they have penned down will define a lot of what happens in the times to come. The only caveat- we have to preserve it for the digital age. An age that is pushing the ‘written word’ to turn into actual history soon.

With decades of publications including path-breaking work in science and technology dating back to 1851 by 200+ Nobel laureates and path-breaking publications like Einstein's theory of relativity not available in digital formats, there was a clear need for an end to end effective solution to digitize.

For a general estimate, that meant more than 120K books covering over 175 years of publishing only physical copies. This required efficient digitization and extraction workflow along with operational excellence to deliver end-to-end preservation of this literary heritage.

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